In 1920, Nicolás Ferri Ferri, founded this important family of distillers whose tradition has managed to keep up to this day. But it was the hand of his son, Salvador Ferri del Remedio, of who would emerge the real thrust of the brand distilleries Ferri.

The carefully crafted elaboration, together with the unbeatable quality of its handcrafted products, were shown to the public through the most important media in the country. Gold liqueur, anise Ferri, Brasiblanc, names that sounded participating in those prestigious advertising campaigns that, in the years 50, placed the product at the top of the national market.


Today, with the help of Salvador Ferri Damunt, the Ferri Destillery Company, has evolved into an important society that, in addition to preserving the quality and tradition of the old original products, has created a wide range of different flavors, emerged from the imagination and the “good work ” of this great family of artisans.


For about two decades our company has been participating in various food fairs organised in different cities of Spain. We have been participating Barcelona’s “food fair” since 1920 with each year gaining more success.


Since the beginning of our company, we prided ourselves on the quality of the products whilst also giving excellent presentation. ts founder Nicholas D. Ferri Ferri paid special attention to the bottling and labeling of products.


Nuestra empresa, desde sus inicios, ha cuidado de forma minuciosa el aspecto de la publicidad. Se muestran aquí distintos carteles publicitarios, algunos de ellos centenarios, en los que asombra la esquisitez de su diseño.